Idd-8 are located on chromosome 7 and chromosome 14, respectively. Another diabetes susceptibility gene on chromosome 14 near Tcra (T cell receptor a chain gene) is Idd-12. Idd-9 and Idd-11 are both located on chromosome 4 and the locus of the Na+/H' exchanger 1 (Nhel) is a candidate gene for Idd-11. Idd-13 was identified as a resistance allele on chromosome 2, linked to the Ilia gene. Idd-14 and ldd-15 are located on chromosome 13 and chromsome 5, respectively. Recently ldd-16 was located adjacent to the Idd-1 region. The Tnfa gene is a candidate gene for ldd-16. Thus, a series of alleles at different loci, each necessary but not sufficient for the development of diabetes, underlie the susceptibility to diabetes (Table 2).

Supplements For Diabetics

Supplements For Diabetics

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