Hepatitis F viruses

Serologic testing has identified five hepatropic viruses; HAV, HBV, HCV, HDV and HEV. These viruses account for almost all human viral hepatitis; however, a small percentage of patients exhibiting the signs and symptoms of acute viral hepatitis do not have serologic evidence of infection with any of these viruses. Researchers continue to search for the viruses associated with non-ABCDE hepatitis. Many of these enterically and parenterally transmitted viruses have been tentatively designated hepatitis F virus (HEV). However, at this time no single virus has been recognized as being HEV. Some researchers have suggested the non-ABCDE viruses are really one of the known hepatitis viruses and serologic testing has failed to detect the viral-specific antibodies present in infected individuals. Serologic testing of individuals with HCV and HEV infection has shown that the serologic tests available for these viruses do not detect every infected individual. It has also been suggested that a new serotype of HBV may be responsible for some so-called non-ABCDE hepatitis.

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