Hybridomas T Cell

Shoichi Ozaki, Department of Medicine and Clinical Science, Kyoto University Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto, Japan

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The experimental problems in T lymphocyte biology include the low frequency of specific T cells and the minute amount of active T cell products. These have been circumvented by the isolation and propagation of T cell lines and clones of defined specificity. Two basic strategies have been devised. The first is to clonally expand normal immune T lymphocytes by repetitive stimulations with appropriate antigens and antigen-presenting cells. The other, involving T cell hybridoma technology, is to immortalize normal T lymphocytes by fusion with continuously replicating tumor cells. Since the fusion can randomly immortalize T cells independently of their antigen specificity and genetic restriction, the resultant T cell hybridomas may represent the initial T cell repertoire with less bias than T cell clones, although there is no direct evidence for this. The advantage of the hybridoma technique over T cell cloning is the relative ease in obtaining large numbers of T cells of interest (without contamination with other types of cells) and their biologically active products. Thus, T cell hybridomas have provided us with a source of lymphokines and other regulatory molecules, together with their mRNA and DNA. They have also proved useful in evaluating T cell receptors and their antigen recognition mechanism. Furthermore, some murine T cell hybridomas specific for certain autoantigens can induce autoimmune diseases after adoptive transfer.

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