High affinity Bm ceil

High affinity Bm celt

Figure 1 Development of microenvironment during the germinal center reaction. Based on current concepts, the left side illustrates the trapping of soluble immune complexes by FDCs, and the cellular events leading to the production of B memory cells in the germinal center. The right side illustrates the trapping of a replicating antigen such as the retrovirus, HIV, and the role FDCs play in the infection of CD4" T cells. For interpretation of events, see text. SS, subcapsular sinus; Ag-Ab, antigen-antibody complexes; HIV-Ab, HIV-antibody complexes; ATCs, antigen-transporting cells; FDCs, follicular dendritic cells; B, B cell clone (antigen-specific B cells); HEV, high endothelial (postcapillary) venule; ICS, immune complex-coated bodies released by FDCs; T, T cell (CD41); High-affinity Bm cell, high-affinity mutation progeny of B cell; Low affinity/apoptotic B cells, dying (low-affinity mutation) progeny of B cells; TBM, tingible body macrophage phagocytosing apoptotic B cells; Bm, B memory cells of germinal centers; AFF, afferent lymphatics.

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