Figure 1 Structure of LFA-1 and its ligands ICAM-1, ICAM-2 and ICAM-3. Stippled regions participate in ligand binding; the MIDAS region of CD18 and other nonstippled regions may also participate. M2+ represents Ca2' or Mg21. Numbers along the chains indicate the number of amino acids in each region. Transmembrane regions are black. C marks domains with similarity to immunoglobulin superfamily constant domains. The (3 chain of LFA-1 contains four tandem repeats of an eight-cysteine motif. Glycosylation is not shown.

cellular domain contains 56 cysteines, suggesting extensive intrachain disulfide linkage leading to a rigid structure, and may also contain a divalent cation-binding site of the MIDAS type (see below).


The mouse and human CDlla polymorphisms which have been noted to date appear to have no functional importance. Some CD18 polymorphisms, however, prevent expression with serious consequences (see LAD-1 below).

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