Thomas J Rogers, Department of Microbiology and Immunology, Temple University Medical School, Philadelphia, USA

The background to this controversial molecule lies in studies reported in the 1970s by both Murphy and Tada and their colleagues, suggesting that suppressor T cells bear determinants which mapped to a novel locus of the I region of the murine major histocompatibility complex (H-2 complex). This site was termed the Ia-4 locus, and this locus was found to mark a new I-region gene which was termed I-J. Through the use of certain recombinant mouse strains, the I-J gene locus was found to map to a region between what are now referred to as the I-A and I-E loci of the H-2 complex. The recombinant mouse strains utilized for the mapping of the I-J locus included the B10.A(5R)[I-Jkl, B10.A(3R)II-Jb], B10.A(9R)[I-Jkl and B10.HTT[I-JS] strains. The recombination points of the B10.A(5R) and B10.A(9R) strains define the centromeric (left) boundary, and the recombination points of the B10.A(3R) and B10.HTT strains define the right boundary of the I-J locus. It has been assumed that B10.A(3R) are congenic with respect to the I-J locus with B10.A(5R) mice, and the same is true of the B10.A(9R) and B10.HTT strains.

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