•Expressed as percentage reduction of infection compared with respective controls. Modified from Rickard ef a/ (1995).

•Expressed as percentage reduction of infection compared with respective controls. Modified from Rickard ef a/ (1995).

cDNA; the modified antigen (GST-45B/X) was also highly effective in vaccinating sheep. Field trials with T. ovis recombinant antigen GST-45B/X (Table 1), in conjunction with saponin, the most effective adjuvant, again provided encouragingly strong protection against infection and this formulation is currently commercially registered. GST-45B/X does not cross-protect against T. hydatigena, Echinococcus granulosus or Taenia saginata and maternal antibody has been shown to interefere with development of immunity in vaccinated lambs. Other potentially protective, cloned T. ovis antigens (GST-16 and GST-18) have been identified, and it is likely that similar recombinant products could be developed against T. solium and T. saginata. Indeed, some cloned T. saginata and E. granulosus antigens are already under trial; with the latter, more than 95% protection has already been obtained in two separate trials with sheep.

See also: Echinococcus, infection and immunity; Molecular mimicry; Parasites, immunity to.

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