0.47 ± 0.24

SE, standard error.

SE, standard error.

as produced by the intercrossing of eight inbred strains of mice, and the character chosen for the assortative mating was the number of papillomas at the end of the promotion period. Susceptible (Car-S) and resistant (Car-R) lines of mice separated by ten consecutive generations of bidirectional selective breeding display a very large difference in responsiveness to carcinogenesis (Table 4). The dominance effect (d/a) = 0.38) measured in (Car-S x Car-R)F1 hybrids indicates that the susceptibility of papilloma induction is an incompletely dominant character. The difference between Car-S and Car-R lines is restricted to the skin, implying that the selected genes produce a tissue-specific effect.

See also: Immune response (Ir) genes. Further reading

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