A single gene for IgA has allelic forms IgAa and IgAb. Pigs have the largest number of IgG subclasses of all the animals so far studied. Gene conversion seems to create antibody diversity in pigs.

T cells ap T cells

Porcine TcRap is a dimer with a molecular mass of 46-48 kDa under reducing conditions. aP T cells express the CD2 and CD3 molecules and can be further divided into several subsets according to the expression of the CD4 and/or CD8 molecules. Classical CD4+CD8- and CD4~CD84 cells are present and also unusual CD4 ' CD8 ' memory helper cells can be found.

78 T cells

The phenotype of 78 T cells is CD2~ or CD2+, CD3 ', CD4 , CD8", CD5~, 78 TCR+. TcR 5 chain shows a molecular mass of 40 kDa. In association with this 8 chain, three 7 chains differing in their molecular masses could be identified by immunopre-cipitation from sorted CD4~CD8~ T lymphocyte subsets.

One 7 chain with a molecular mass of 38 kDa is expressed on CD2 CD4 CD8~ T cells characterized by an ungulate common epitope recognized by murine anti-sheep monoclonal antibody (mAb) 86D. These 78 T cells are found in peripheral blood. Another 7 chain (37 kDa) could be allocated to the 86D" CD2 CD4"CD8" T cells present in the circulation and lymphatic tissues. A third 7 chain (46 kDa) is expressed on CD2+ TCR78 T lymphocytes distributed in lymphatic tissues.

Porcine 78 T cells are frequent in peripheral blood (20-30% of lymphocytes in young pigs), in gut-as-sociated lymphatic tissues and in the spieen, but rare in lymph nodes and thymus. They migrate into inflammatory sites in mucosae and skin.

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