Kallikreinkinin System

Raul A DeLa Cadena and Robert W Colman, Sol Sherry Thrombosis Research Center, Temple University School of Medicine, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

The kallikrein-kinin system was first recognized as a plasma and tissue proteolytic system responsible for the liberation of the vasoactive proinflammatory mediator bradykinin (BK). However, examination of the molecular, biochemical, biological and physiological properties of the kallikrein-kinin system has shown that this system initiates or interacts with a number of physiologic and pathophysiologic systems in plasma as well as blood and vascular cells. New activities of this plasma system include protease inhibition, antithrombin function and antiadhesive properties. Tissue kallikreins are ubiquitously distributed and regulate local blood flow and glandular secretion.

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