Liposomebased immunoassays

Several liposome-based immunoassays have been developed to detect immune-related compounds or analytes of interest. The aqueous compartments of liposomes can be used to carry various reporter molecules and the so-called immunoliposome assays may offer distinct advantages over existing immunoassays depending on the nature of the intended assay. A wide variety of immunoliposome assays have been developed with different approaches and sensitivities. Antibody as well as antigen concentrations can be determined due to the fact that, in the presence of specific antibody, antigen- or hapten-bearing liposomes can fix complement, which in turn may result in the lysis of such liposomes by activated complement and the consecutive release of the encapsulated markers. Based on the finding that antigen-specific lysis can be inhibited by addition of soluble antigen to compete for the binding of antibody to the liposome-exposed antigen, a number of inhibition assays have been developed.

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