Mif Vegf

Fibroblasts, e.g. cell lines SS,

WHG, WI26 or 28


Many, e.g. human diploid fibroblasts Resistance to viral cytopathic effect, e.g. VSV

DAUDI human lymphoblastoid B cell Inhibition of cell growth line Macrophages Endothelial cells

PH]thymidine incorporation Inhibition of migration in agar [3H]thymidine incorporation

FGF (1, 2, 5), EGF.TGFß, IL-1, TNF, amphiregulin. oncostatin, Kaposi growth factor IFN « and 3


C-C chemokines 1-309


Monocytes or basophils Eosinophils or inhibition of CFU-A Memory T cells Memory T cells eosinophils

Chemotaxis Chemotaxis Chemotaxis pH]thymidine incorporation



Other monocyte chemoattractants Other monocyte chemoattractants

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