Monoclonal antibodies

Effective sorbents can be made from monoclonal antibodies, but the antibody to be used needs careful selection, as illustrated in Table 2. Data are presented for two monoclonal antibodies, both of which bind efficiently to antigen in solution or on ELISA plates and are also coupled efficiently to agarose beads. However, immunoadsorbents made from the first antibody have ten times the antigen-binding capacity of those made from the second. In fact, immunoadsorbents prepared from the second antibody are nearly useless because of the small amount

Table 2 Example of variation in the suitability of monoclonal antibodies for use in immunoadsorbents. Anti-low density lipoprotein (LDL) antibody B1B3 was superior to antibody C3D1 in ELISA assays and in coupling to agarose beads. However, the C3D1-agarose immunoadsorbent was ten times more effective at binding LDL (right column)

Anti-LDL monoclonal LDL binding in ELISA assaya Antibody coupled to agarose LDL bound to immunoadsorbent antibody (mgLDLmg 1 antibody) beadsb (mg ml sorbent)

(mgml~1 agarose)

"Data from Tikkanen MJ, Dargar R, Pfleger B, Gonen B, Davie JM and Schonfeld G (1992) Antigenic mapping of human low density lipoprotein with monoclonal antibodies. Journal of Lipid Research 23: 1032-1038. "Coupling of antibody to 2% agarose beads by means of cyanogen bromide of specific antigen binding. There is no general method for selection of antibodies for immunoadsor-bents, but the potential for improved performance is clear.

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