Other species of the genus Mus sensu stricto

Other species of the genus Mus are found in western Europe and in Asia.

European species

The European species are the following:

• The western Mediterranean short-tailed mouse Mus spretus (Lataste, 1883), found in the south of France, in Spain, Portugal and in North Africa.

• The mound-builder mouse Mus spicilegus (Pet-enyi, 1882) found in central Europe and also called Mus hortulanus or Mus 4b in previous reviews.

• The eastern Mediterranean short-tailed mouse Mus macedonicus (Petrov and Ruzic, 1983), also known as Mus abbotti, Mus spretoides or Mus 4a and found from the former Yugoslavia to Israel and Iran. Biochemical criteria discriminate easily between these different species which, although they occur sympatrically with representatives of the complex species Mus musculus, never produce hybrids with them in nature. For a discussion concerning the nomenclature and systematics of these species see Auffray et al (1990).

Asian species

The main Asian species are the following:

• Mus cervicolor

Finally, the most distantly related forms still belonging to the genus Mus sensu stricto (with a 40 acrocentric chromosomes complement) are the Indian pigmy species Mus booduga and Mus dunni also called Mus terricolor, see Sharma (1996) for details on this group.

Figure 2 represents a synthetic phylogeny of the taxa described here based on an analysis of molecular markers by She and colleagues. The multi-furcations presented are points where alternative branching orders are possible due to the proximity of the splitting events and the limited resolving power of the technique. The species set described here corresponds to the group of species falling within the genus Mus, sensu stricto, which is sometimes also considered as a subgenus relatively to other more distantly related groups Nannomys. Coelomys and Pyromys.

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