As CVF is a structural analog of C3, it may be possible to engineer a human C3 derivative that has the property of CVF to form a stable C3/C5 convertase. Such a 'human CVF' can be expected to be significantly less immunogenic. A 'human CVF' might be a useful therapeutic agent for modulating the complement activity in certain diseases where complement is known to be involved in the pathogenesis. One particular application of a 'human CVF' might be the depletion of complement in patients prior to xenotransplantation. 'Human CVF' could also be used in antibody conjugates as an immunothera-peutic agent in cancer patients.

See also: Complement, alternative pathway; Complement, classical pathway; Complement deficiencies; Complement fixation test; Complement, membrane attack pathway; Immunotherapy of tumors; Venoms; Xenotransplantation.

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