Fetal cells in the maternal circulation can be easily recognized using the Kleihauer technique (Figure 2), and the size of any transplacental hemorrhage thereby assessed. Anti-D gammaglobulin should be given to all non-immunized Rh-negative women after delivery of an Rh-positive baby, and it should be injected into the deltoid muscle of the mother within 48 h of delivery. The anti-D coats the D antigen sites on the fetal cells and prevents immunization. The standard dose is 500 iu but more may be needed, depending on the Kleihauer count. For an abortion up to 20 weeks 250 iu is the standard. Occasional failures of prophylaxis occur but if antenatal anti-D is given at 28 and 35 weeks as well as post delivery, the failure rate is very small. However, antenatal anti-D as a routine is wasteful (though monoclonal anti-D will eventually make supplies easier). An economical compromise is to restrict the antenatal

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