Single, high-affinity receptors, specific to G-CSF, are expressed on precursor and mature cells from the neutrophil lineage and some monocytes/macrophages. The receptor density varies from 30 to 3000 per cell and the Kd is about 100 pM. It is a 130-150 kDa glycoprotein, encoded by a single gene on chromosome 1 p35-p34.3, with a single transmembrane domain of 812 amino acids and an extracellular portion containing an immunoglobulin (Ig)-like domain, three fibronectin type-3 repeat units and the WSXWS motif common to the cytokine-receptor family. Ligand-receptor interaction is followed by rapid internalization of the complex and a slow degradation of the internalized G-CSF. Relatively little is known of the subsequent signal transduction events consequent upon G-CSF bonding to its receptor.

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