Role for protein kinases in cellular physiology stimulusresponse coupling

While at rest, most cells no doubt express a multitude of protein kinases whose activities are not subject to modulation and which phosphorylate proteins whose routine function requires such post-trans-lational modification. Tremendous interest, however, has been focused on the role of protein kinases as major contributors in stimulus-response coupling or intracellular signal transduction. This process, whereby extracellular stimuli are transduced into intracellular behavioral change is a multistep sequence of events which begins with the interaction between the stimulus and the cell surface and ends with the acquisition of new functional competence. The intermediate events are now known to be multifactorial and frequently involve a sequential cascade of change in protein function which results from reversible or irreversible covalent modification of the target protein. Protein kinases are one of the most common enzymatic activities participating in intracellular signal transduction.

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