Signal transduction mechanisms of IL11

Because of overlapping biological activities and sharing of the gpl30 signal transducer by IL-11R and the receptors for other cytokines such as IL-6, LIF, OSM, CNTF and possibly CT-1, many investigators have compared the signal transduction pathways mediated by this group of cytokines. These studies indicated that there are convergent and divergent points along the signaling pathways mediated by these cytokines. Some of the signaling events mediated by IL-11 in mouse preadipocytes are shown in Figure 1 and summarized below.

Involvement of kinases

Kinases involved in IL-11 signaling include JAK kinases, MAPKs, pp90rsk, Src family kinases and PI3K. JAK (Janus kinase) family nonreceptor tyrosine kinases play important roles in signaling pathways mediated by different cytokines. It was found that JAK family kinases physically associate with gpl30 and are tyrosine phosphorylated and activated following stimulation with IL-11 and other IL-6-type cytokines. MAPKs and pp90rsk have been shown to

Table 1 Molecular characteristics of IL-11 and IL-11R

Human/primate/mouse IL-11

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