Bone marrow transplants

HLA typing is essential to bone marrow transplantation. Most of the transplants performed are between HLA-identical siblings, which provides the highest rate of success. One-quarter of the siblings are HLA identical. Transplants are not all successful, in that graft-versus-host reactions often occur even with HLA-identical sibling donor grafts due to incompatibility for minor histocompatibility antigens. Recurrence of leukemia is also often a problem.

In recent years, volunteer bone marrow donor

Table 1 Complete listing of recognized HLA specificities and alleles

HLA HLA alleles specificity

A1 A*0101, 0102

A2 A*0201, 0202, 0204-0209, 0211-0214, 0216-0222

A203 A*0203

A210 A*0210

A3 A*0301, 0302

A9 A*2410

A10 A*2502, A*6603

A11 A*1101-1104

A2403 A*2403

A25(10) A*2501

A26(10) A*2601-2608

A29(19) A*2901 -2903

A30(19) A*3001 -3004

A32(19) *A3201-3202

A34(10) A*3401-3402

A36 A*3601

A43 A*4301

A66(10) A*6601 -6602

A28 A*6803

A68(28) A*68011-68012, *6802

A69(28) A*6901

A19 A*7403

A74(19) A*7401-7402

A80 A*8001

B7 B*0702, *0704-0708

B703 B*0703

B8 B*0801-0804

B13 B*1301-1304

B18 B*1801-1805

B27 B*2701-2704, 8*27052-53, B*2706-7, B*2709-2711

B2708 B*2708

B37 B*3701 -02

B3901 B*39011, *39013

B3902 B*39021 -22

B16 B*3905

B40 BM003-4

B4005 B*4005

B41 BM101-2

B12 BM409-10

B45(12) B*4501

B46 B*4601

B47 BM701-2

B49(21) B*4901

B50(21) B*5001

B5 B*5106

B5102 B*51021-2

B5103 B*5103

Table 1 Continued

HLA HLA alleles specificity

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