Contributors xi

Section 1 Historical Perspectives and Basic Principles

1 Perspectives on the History of Endocarditis 1

Allan Ronald

2 Pathologic Findings: Valvular Destruction, Perivalvular Abnormalities, and

Extracardiac Findings 5

John P. Veinot

3 Changing Populations: The Elderly, Injection Drug Users,

Health-Care-Associated and Immunocompromised Patients 23

Yasmin Maor and Ethan Rubinstein

4 Microbiology of Infective Endocarditis and Microbiologic Diagnosis 37

Stuart J. Skinner and Stephen E. Sanche

5 Prophylaxis of Endocarditis 47

Donald C. Vinh and John M. Embil

Section 2 Diagnosis and Management Approaches

6 Diagnostic Approach to Endocarditis 63

James W. Tam, Rizwan A. S. Manji, Nasir Shaikh, and Andrew Morris

7 Role of Transthoracic and Transesophageal Echocardiography in the Management of Endocarditis 79

Chris Johnson and Kwan-Leung Chan

8 Surgical Management: Indications and Technical Issues 105

Thierry G. Mesana and Bijan Jahangiri

9 Treatment of Native Valve Endocarditis: General Principles and Therapy for Specific Organisms 121

Donald C. Vinh and John M. Embil

Section 3 Clinical Dilemmas

10 Blood-Culture-Negative Endocarditis 185

Stephanie Smith and Thomas J. Marrie

11 Prosthetic Valve and Other Cardiovascular Device-Related

Endocarditis 201

Wendy Sligl and Karen Doucette

12 Pediatric Infective Endocarditis and Congenital Heart Disease 215

Sarah Forgie

13 Systemic Embolism in Endocarditis: Incidence, Risk Factors,

Clinical Significance, and Treatment Strategies 229

Omid Salehian and Kwan-Leung Chan

14 Neurological Complications of Endocarditis:

Pathophysiologic Mechanisms and Management Issues 241

Christopher R. Skinner

Index 253

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