HIV-seropositive patients are at risk for infective endocarditis because of three main reasons: intravenous drug abuse, long-term use of central venous catheterization for administration of medications and as a consequence of immune suppression. Infectious endocarditis is responsible for 5-20% of hospital admissions and for 5-10% of total deaths in IVDU patients with HIV infection, but the clinical outcome of the patients depends on the affected valve and the culture germen rather than the HIV serostatus. HIV stage C was found in six cases and the median (range) CD4 cell count was 22/^L (4-274 cells/^L [34]). Staphylococcus. aureus is the most common pathogen involved .and the infection is more commonly localized to the right side of the heart. It is not clearly defined whether HIV infection is responsible for the worst evolution in these patients and if treatment should be the same as that used in HIV seronegative subjects [26,35].

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