Infective endocarditis has protean manifestations and clinical diagnosis is frequently difficult, leading to a delay in making the diagnosis. As vegetation is the hallmark of IE, prompt diagnosis can be facilitated if there is a reliable noninvasive means to detect vegetation.

Echocardiography has been intimately involved in the detection of vegetation since its introduction into clinical practice. Technological advances in the last three decades have dramatically improved the ability of echocardiography to detect vegetation, valvular damage, and perivalvular complications, such that echocardiographic findings are now an accepted diagnostic criterion for IE. Furthermore, echocardiography can provide important prognostic information, especially in complex cases such as patients with virulent organisms and patients with persistent fever or bacteremia despite treatment. Echocardiography may be overused in patients with low likelihood of IE, but it is clearly indicated when the findings have a direct impact on diagnosis or management (Table 7.1).

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