Are There Multiple Systems For Interval Timing

Let us start by considering the evidence for multiple timers. A number of authors have suggested that different mechanisms may be used for different types of time measurement, including a distinction between implicit and explicit timing mechanisms (see Hopson, this volume). The length of a measured duration, whether it is timed or defined via movement, and the degree of awareness associated with the temporal judgment have all been suggested as factors that determine which system is used. Further, different authors have independently suggested that the degree of awareness involved in a timing judgment depends on the length of the duration measured, and that the extent to which the motor system is used is determined by the same factor (e.g., Ivry, 1996, 1997; Rammsayer, 1999). To our knowledge, however, no framework has yet combined all three factors into a unified model. We will here propose precisely such a model, adding one further important task characteristic: the continuousness of timing.

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