1.1 Introduction

1.1.1 Interval Timing Procedures

1.1.2 Interval Timing Theories

1.2 Three Descriptions of Scalar Timing Theory

1.2.1 The Principles of Scalar Timing Theory

1.2.2 An Information-Processing Metaphor of Scalar Timing Theory

1.2.3 A Formal Model of Scalar Timing Theory Pacemaker Switch and Accumulator Memory Retrieval Threshold Decision Rule Memory Storage Predictions from a Formal Model

1.3 An Example of a Timing Experiment

1.3.1 Procedure and Results

1.3.2 Simulation of the Timing Experiment Main Program Initialization of the Fixed-Interval Procedure (Initialize_FI) Initialization of the Scalar Timing Model (Initialize_SET) The Fixed-Interval Procedure (FI_Procedure) The Scalar Timing Model (Scalar_Timing_Theory) Saving the Data (Record_Data)

1.3.3 Estimation of Parameters

1.4 An Evaluation of Scalar Timing Theory

1.4.1 Goodness of Fit

1.4.2 Flexibility

1.4.3 Generality

Acknowledgments References

Appendix A: Matlab Code Appendix B: Simulated Data

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