12.1 Introduction

12.2 Dopamine and the Internal Clock

12.2.1 An Information-Processing Model of Interval Timing

12.2.2 The Peak-Interval Procedure

12.2.3 Dopamine and the Clock Pattern

12.3 Dopamine and Attention Sharing

12.3.1 The Switch Hypothesis

12.3.2 The Decay Hypothesis

12.3.3 Dopamine and the Attention-Sharing Pattern

12.4 Behavioral and Pharmacological Evidence for Attention Sharing in the Gap Procedure

12.4.1 Comparative Studies in Pigeons and Rats

12.4.2 Behavioral Manipulations of Attention Sharing in Rats

12.4.3 Evidence for Dopaminergic Involvement in Attention Sharing

12.5 Conclusions

12.5.1 Behavioral Dissociation of Attention Sharing and Time Accumulation

12.5.2 Dissociation of Clock and Attentional Effects of Methamphetamine and Haloperidol

12.5.3 Implications for Theories of Interval Timing in Humans and Other Animals

Acknowledgments References

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