5.1 Introduction

5.2 Interval Timing and Foraging

5.3 Optimal Foraging Theory

5.3.1 When to Return to a Renewing Food Source

5.3.2 When to Leave a Depleting Patch Sudden Patch Exhaustion Gradual Depletion

5.3.3 How to Respond to Variability

5.3.4 When to Sample a Changing Patch

5.3.5 Constraints in Optimal Foraging Models

5.4 Scalar Timing Theory

5.5 Applications of Scalar Timing to Foraging Problems

5.5.1 Scalar Timing and Patch Departure: Sudden Patch Exhaustion

5.5.2 Scalar Timing and Patch Departure: The Marginal Value Theorem

5.5.3 Scalar Timing and Response to Risk

5.5.4 Scalar Timing and Sampling a Changing Environment

5.6 Conclusions Acknowledgments References

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