9.1 Introduction

9.2 The Break Location Effect

9.3 Interpretation of the Break Location Effect: Attentional Shifts during Pulse Accumulation

9.4 Expecting — or Not — a Break in the Absence of a Break

9.5 Expectation of a Break and Rate of Accumulation

9.6 Uncertainty, Level of Expectancy, and Rate of Accumulation

9.7 Experiments 1 and 2: General Method

9.7.1 Participants

9.7.2 Apparatus and Stimuli

9.7.3 Procedure: Training Sessions

9.8 Experiment 1: Manipulating Uncertainty about Break Occurrence with Frequency of Trials with Breaks

9.8.1 Procedure

9.8.2 Results and Discussion

9.9 Experiment 2: Manipulating Uncertainty about the Time of Break Occurrence with a Forewarning Cue

9.9.1 Procedure

9.9.2 Results and Discussion

9.10 General Discussion

9.10.1 Break Expectancy and Uncertainty

9.10.2 The Slope of Production Functions: An Index of Accumulation Rate Determined by Frequency or Duration of Attentional Shifts

9.11 The Effect of Expecting a Break: Generality across Stimulus Conditions and Time Estimation Methods

9.12 Conclusion Acknowledgments References

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