20.1 Introduction

20.2 Dopamine and Interval Timing

20.3 Temporal Memory and the Basal Ganglia

20.4 Modeling the DA-Dependent Timing Effects in PD

20.4.1 SET and the PD Timing Deficits

20.4.2 An Accumulator Model that Produces Migration to the Mean

20.4.3 Simulations

20.4.4 Modeling the Effects of PD

20.4.5 Pros and Cons of the Accumulator Model of PD Timing Effects

20.5 Effects of Deep Brain Stimulation on PD Timing Errors

20.5.1 DBS in the STn of DA-Depleted PD Patients Corrects Migration

20.5.2 Paradoxical Effects of GP DBS on Distorted Temporal Memory in PD

20.6 Functional Anatomy Account: A Revised Model of the Basal Ganglia

20.6.1 Effects of PD Stimulation on Distorted Temporal Memory

20.6.2 Mechanisms of Action of DBS

20.6.3 Origin of STn Overactivity in PD References

Appendix A Appendix B

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