16.1 Introduction

16.2 Birdsong: A Temporal Hierarchy

16.2.1 The Development of Avian Vocal Behavior

16.2.2 Behavioral Parallels between Interval Timing and Birdsong

16.3 Parallels between the Mammalian and Avian Telencephalon

16.4 Areas in the Avian Telencephalon Important for Vocal Learning

16.4.1 Posterior Motor Pathway

16.4.2 Is the Auditory Template Contained within the Anterior Forebrain Pathway?

16.4.3 An Alternative Site for the Auditory Template

16.4.4 What Type of Biological Substrate Is Required for Song Learning?

16.5 Can Parallel Cortico-Striatal Modules Mediate Song Learning?

16.5.1 The Cortico-Striatal Module as a Pattern Detector

16.5.2 The Auditory Processing Module

16.5.3 Role of the Comparison Signal's Transmission to the AFP in Relation to the Posterior Motor Pathway

16.6 Reinterpretation of Some Experimental Results

16.7 Conclusion and Future Perspectives Acknowledgments


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