Foreword Robert Rousseau

Introduction: The Persistence of Time Warren H. Meck

SECTION I Functional Mechanisms

Chapter 1

A Concise Introduction to Scalar Timing Theory Russell M. Church

Chapter 2

General Learning Models: Timing without a Clock John W. Hopson

Chapter 3

Nonlinearities in Sensitivity to Time: Implications for Oscillator-Based Representations of Interval and Circadian Clocks Jonathon D. Crystal

Chapter 4

Toward a Unified Theory of Animal Event Timing Thomas T. Hills

Chapter 5

Interval Timing and Optimal Foraging Melissa Bateson

Chapter 6

Nonverbal Representations of Time and Number in Animals and Human Infants

Elizabeth M. Brannon and Jamie D. Roitman

Chapter 7

Temporal Experience and Timing in Children Sylvie Droit-Volet

Chapter 8

Modality Differences in Interval Timing: Attention, Clock Speed, and Memory

Trevor B. Penney Chapter 9

Attentional Time-Sharing in Interval Timing Claudette Fortin

Chapter 10

Grandfather's Clock: Attention and Interval Timing in Older Adults Cindy Lustig

SECTION II Neural Mechanisms

Chapter 11

Neurogenetics of Interval Timing Munire Ozlem Qevik

Chapter 12

Dopaminergic Mechanisms of Interval Timing and Attention Catalin V. Buhusi

Chapter 13

Electrophysiological Correlates of Interval Timing Shogo Sakata and Keiichi Onoda

Chapter 14

Importance of Frontal Motor Cortex in Divided Attention and Simultaneous

Temporal Processing

Kevin C.H. Pang and J. Devin McAuley

Chapter 15

Integration of Behavior and Timing: Anatomically Separate Systems or Distributed Processing?

Matthew S. Matell, Warren H. Meck, and Miguel A.L. Nicolelis

Chapter 16

Time Flies and May Also Sing: Cortico-Striatal Mechanisms of Interval Timing and Birdsong

Christopher J. MacDonald and Warren H. Meck Chapter 17

Neuroimaging Approaches to the Study of Interval Timing Sean C. Hinton

Chapter 18

Electrophysiological Evidence for Specific Processing of Temporal Information in Humans Viviane Pouthas

Chapter 19

Cerebellar and Basal Ganglia Contributions to Interval Timing

Jörn Diedrichsen, Richard B. Ivry, and Jeff Pressing

Chapter 20

Interval Timing in the Dopamine-Depleted Basal Ganglia: From Empirical

Data to Timing Theory

Chara Malapani and Brian C. Rakitin

Chapter 21

Overview: An Image of Human Neural Timing Penelope A. Lewis and R. Chris Miall


Timing in the New Millenium: Where Are We Now? Françoise Macar

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