Interval Duration as a Defining Factor

A variety of different observations have suggested that measurement of intervals in the milliseconds range draws upon a different timer than the measurement of intervals in the multiseconds range. These include differential psychophysical characteristics for temporal measurements at the two duration ranges (Gibbon et al., 1997), differential responses to pharmacological agents (Mitriani et al., 1977; Rammsayer, 1993, 1999; Rammsayer and Vogel, 1992), differential impairment by dual-task scenarios (Rammsayer and Lima, 1991), and differential impairment by specific brain lesions (Clarke et al., 1996). Most recently, some of our own neuroimaging data have shown that different brain regions are active during timing of 0.6- and 3-sec intervals using the same task (Lewis and Miall, submitted).

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