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FIGURE 20.1 Migration on retrieval is associated with violation of the scalar property, while slowed encoding follows the scalar rule. Estimate distributions from training and testing sessions in real time (left panels) and time relative to the median time (right panels). The smooth curves are Gaussian fits to the data. The ON-ON group (top row) shows veridical estimates in both training and testing sessions ON DA supplementation. Migration occurs in the OFF state during both training (OFF-ON group, bottom row, black) and testing (ON-OFF group, middle row, black) sessions. The ON testing data from the OFF-ON group are right shifted (bottom row, gray). In the right panels all four estimation distributions of each group are shown in relative time. Functions in the ON-ON group (upper right panel) superpose (scalar property). This is not the case for the functions in the ON-OFF and OFF-ON groups, where in both cases increased variability (broader functions) is seen OFF L-Dopa (black distributions) as compared to the ON state (gray distributions). Increased variability in the OFF state was found to violate the scalar property (Malapani et al., 2002a).

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