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Sarah Brown, the author of this book suffered from malformed legs for 26 years, but she is now confident and joyous for her currently beautiful, shapely legs. The consciousness of her condition from the early stage of her life affected her in a negative way hugely. She got to know of a Japanese Orthopedic through a psychologist she visited at a time in her life that had undergone tests on a group of subjects of both bow legs, and knocked knees and he achieved outstanding results. Then she was inspired to write this book. The book Knocked Knees No More contains a comprehensive step-by-step program, regardless of your age, experience, and gender, you will find it easy to follow. So many people around the world following this particular procedure achieve amazing results in little or no time (there are testimonies backing up this claims on the authors' website). It requires no intermediate level of technical skills, it is newbie friendly. You can get the book on the author's website to avoid the fake product in circulation these days Read more here...

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This ebook comes with the great features it has and offers you a totally simple steps explaining everything in detail with a very understandable language for all those who are interested.

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Scarf Osteotomy of the First Metatarsal

Scarf Lengthening Osteotomy

The name scarf was given in 1984 by Lowell Scott Weil to this first metatarsal osteotomy in regard to its cuts. However, in this osteotomy, instead of end-to-end lengthening, the plantar beam which includes the first meta-tarsal head, shifts laterally to the dorsal beam that is stable throughout its length. This displacement can be not only lateral, but also in several directions, resulting in a great versatility, to adapt to the different hallux valgus deformities. Furthermore, the stability is notable, resulting from a large fragment area contact and from the double chevron shaped cut - proximal and distal - (Fig. 03a).

Cosmetic Problems

Orthopedic problems Flat feet and knock knee, perhaps related to the excess weight and need to internally rotate the knees to accommodate fat thighs when bringing the legs together, are common and can lead to ungainly gait. Slipped upper femoral epiphysis is a more serious problem, which is particularly common in overweight young adolescents and may also be associated with hormonal abnormalities such as hypothyroidism.

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