General Concepts and Perspectives

Theoretical and Applied Issues in Cross-Cultural Health Research 3

Elisa J. Sobo

Cognitive Medical Anthropology 12

Linda C. Garro

Critical Medical Anthropology 23

Merrill Singer

Evolutionary and Ecological Perspectives 31

Ann McElroy

Forensic Anthropology 37

Douglas H. Ubelaker

Illness Narratives 42

Ron Loewe

Paleopathology and the Study of Ancient Remains 49

Michael R. Zimmerman

Psychoanalysis and Anthropology 58

WaudH. Kracke

Medical Systems

Bioethics 73

Elisa J. Gordon

Biomedical Technologies 86

Margaret Lock

Biomedicine 95

Atwood D. Gaines and Robbie Davis-Floyd Medical Pluralism 109

Hans A. Baer

Medicalization and the Naturalization of Social Control 116

Margaret Lock

Phenomenology of Health and Illness 125

Gay Becker

Possession and Trance 137

Erika Bourguignon

Shamanism 145

Michael Winkelman


Political, Economic, and Social Issues

Disasters 157

Jody Glittenberg

Health and Economic Development 164

Arachu Castro and Paul Farmer

Homelessness 170

Irene Glasser and Rae Bridgman Nutrition and Health 178

Gun Roos

Post-Colonial Development and Health 184

Steve Ferzacca

Refugee Health 191

Pascale A. Allotey

Social Stratification and Health in the Western Context 198

Arushi Sinha and Tyson Gibbs The Urban Poor 207

Delia Easton

Sexuality, Reproduction, and the Life Cycle

Aging 217

Jay Sokolovsky

Birth 224

Carolyn Sargent

Breast-Feeding 230

Wenda R. Trevathan

Child Growth 235

Barry Bogin

Dying and Death 244

Sharon R. Kaufman

Female Genital Cutting 252

Bettina Shell-Duncan and Ylva Hernlund Immunization 262

Anita Hardon

Population Control 269

Robert J. Meier

Reproductive Health 280

Andrea Whittaker

Health Conditions and Diseases

Alcohol Use 293

Dwight B. Heath and Irene Glasser Child Abuse and Neglect 301

Jill E. Korbin

Cholera and other Water-Borne Diseases 305

Linda M. Whiteford

Chronic Diseases of Aging 311

Catherine Hagan Hennessy

Culture-Bound Syndromes 319

Culture, Stress, and Cardiovascular Disease 328

William W. Dressler

Diabetes Mellitus and Medical Anthropology 335

Leslie Sue Lieberman

Diarrhea 353

Elois Ann Berlin

Disability/Difference 360

Russell P. Shuttleworth

Drug Use 374

J. Bryan Page

Emerging Infectious Diseases 383

Vinh-Kim Nguyen

Genetic Disease I: History and Mechanisms 391

Larry Leon Mai

Genetic Disease II 407

Larry Leon Mai

HIV/AIDS Research and Prevention 462

James W. Carey, Erin Picone-DeCaro, Mary Spink Neumann, Deborah Schwartz, Delia Easton, and Daphne Cobb St. John Malaria and other Major Insect Vector Diseases 479

Jeannine Coreil

Mental Disorders 486

Alex Cohen

Mental Retardation 493

F. John Meaney

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS or Cot Death) 506

James J. McKenna

Tobacco Use in Medical Anthropological Perspective 518

Merrill Singer

Tuberculosis Research and Control 528

R. Shrestha-Kuwahara, M. Wilce, H. A. Joseph, J. W. Carey, R. Plank, and E. Sumartojo


African Americans 545

Eric J. Bailey

Amish 557

Lawrence P. Greksa and Jill E. Korbin Argentine Toba 564

Claudia R. Valeggia and Florencia Tola Badaga 572

Paul Hockings

Bangladeshis 579

Darryl J. Holman and Kathleen A. O'Connor

Baliem Valley Dani 591

Leslie Butt

British 599

Ian Shaw and Louise Woodward Burmese 607

Monique Skidmore

Cree 614

Naomi Adelson

Czechs 622

Zdenek Salzmann

Datoga 629

Astrid Blystad and Ole Bj0rn Rekdal Fore 638

David J. Boyd

French 646

Michelle Lampl

Fulani 656

Kate R. Hampshire

Garhwali 664

Satish Kedia

Garifuna 672

Nancie L. González and Gloria Castillo Greeks 681

Eugenia Georges

Hadza 689

Frank Marlowe

Haitians 696

Robert Lawless

Han 703

Xingwu Liu

Hausa 718

Murray Last

Hmong in Laos and the United States 729

Kathleen Culhane-Pera, Dia Cha, and Peter Kunstadter

Iroquois 743

Barbara W. Lex and Thomas S. Abler Jamaican Maroons 754

George Brandon

Japanese 765

Denise Saint Arnault

Jat 777

Sunil K. Khanna

Lijiang Naxi 783

Sydney Davant White

Malagasy 794

Janice Harper

Malays 804

Ronald Provencher

Maori 815

Mason Durie

Matsigenka 823

Carolina Izquierdo and Glenn H. Shepard Jr. Maya of Highland Mexico 838

Elois Ann Berlin, Brent Berlin, and John R. Stepp

Mongolia 850

Daniel J. Hruschka and Brandon A. Kohrt Nahua 863

Brad R. Huber

Navajo 873

Joanne McCloskey

Nepal 883

Gregory G. Maskarinec

Northwest Coast 890

Peter H. Stephenson and Steven Acheson Ojibwa 903

Linda C. Garro

Oklahoma Choctaw 915

Joseph Neil Henderson and Linda Carson Henderson Roma of the United States and Europe 923

Anne Hartley Sutherland

Samoa 929

James R. Bindon

Saraguros 937

Ruthbeth Finerman

Shipibo 947

Warren M. Hern

Sotho 957

Nancy Romero-Daza and David Himmelgreen Sudanese 964

Rogaia Mustafa Abusharaf

Thai 971

Chris Lyttleton

Tongans 980

Barbara Burns McGrath

Trobriand 990

Jay Bouton Crain, Allan Clifford Darrah, and Linus S. Digim 'Rina Tuareg 1001

Susan J. Rasmussen

Wape 1009

William E. Mitchell

Yanomamo 1017

Jennifer Kuzara and Raymond Hames Yoruba 1029

Norma H. Wolff

Subject Index 1041

Cultural and Alternative Names Index 1069

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