1. The term health problems is used here to avoid the illness and disease dichotomy. (1) Although the dichotomy is useful in some discussions, it treats the physiological experience (sickness) in a way that is not helpful in this discussion. (2) That dichotomy fails to recognize the difference between infection and disease. (3) Such a dichotomy seems to assume that a systems approach (i.e., one that incorporates the patient's family, social, and physical environments) does not exist in biomedicine. (4) Many conditions that are neither illness nor disease are recognized health problems in ethnomedical systems (such as deformities and dysfunction). Ethnomedical systems also distinguish conditions that are health-related, but not necessarily problems, and certainly neither illness nor disease (such as menstruation).

2. This is intended neither as a representative sample nor as an exhaustive survey of the distribution of use. It is merely a demonstration of the fact that many plant genera are widely and probably independently used for the same conditions.

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The Complete Compendium Of Everything Related To Health And Wellness

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