Organization of the Articles

The thematic and comparative essays vary in how they are organized, not just in their topics. The authors were encouraged by the editors to structure their discussions as they saw fit. On the other hand, the articles on health and illness in particular cultures generally follow the same format to provide maximum comparability. That is, most of the culture articles cover the same topics, the list of which we developed with the help of our Advisory Board (see the headings in boldface below). If there is substantial variation within the culture (e.g., by class or gender), the author was instructed to note it where appropriate, either in a particular section or at the end. A heading may be omitted if information on it is lacking or not applicable. The headings that follow are found in the vast majority of the articles to facilitate search and retrieval of information. Thus, the reader may easily compare how the cultures of the world differ and are similar in the ways they deal with health and illness.

The outline for the culture articles includes the following topics.

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