The day-to-day work of preparing the third edition entailed close collaboration with the publisher's team in New York and Michigan. None of this work would have been possible without a publisher able to efficiently implement the intellectual plan. The Macmillan team commissioned all the articles, maintained contact with all authors, coordinated reviews, copy edited all manuscripts, checked revised manuscripts and bibliographies, and prepared all materials for production. In particular, Hélène G. Potter, Editor in Chief of Macmillan Reference USA, provided vision and managerial insight for the development of the third edition—as well as many thoughtful perspectives. Similarly, Monica M. Hubbard, Senior Editor with Macmillan Reference USA, provided excellent leadership in implementing all the operational aspects of the project. Before the revision project began in earnest, Elly Dickason, prior to her retirement from Macmillan Reference USA, provided her usual thoughtful guidance.

The Department of Bioethics, School of Medicine, Case Western Reserve University, provided a collegial environment for a number of those involved as editors, consultants, authors and reviewers. The School of Medicine has a long tradition of humanism in medicine that creates a welcome atmosphere for the Encyclopedia.

We wish to acknowledge support for both the revised and third editions from The Alton F. and Carrie S. Davis Fund of the Cleveland Foundation. In addition, the John Templeton Foundation provided Stephen Post with a generous grant in 2002 in support of a research institute on altruism and compassion, "The Institute for Research on Unlimited Love—Altruism, Compassion, Service," which allowed him to devote additional editorial time to related themes in the third edition, especially as these pertain to the ongoing dialogue between science and religion.


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