This discussion began with an analysis of ethical and policy issues that emerged in the United States as it confronted the AIDS epidemic. These issues were commonly addressed in other economically advanced nations bounded by the liberal tradition, even when the resolution of the controversies that surfaced took on divergent forms.

No ethical analysis of the challenges posed by AIDS will ever again be sufficient if it is restricted to the challenges faced in wealthy developed nations. Indeed, increasingly the analysis will need to be driven by the complexities of an epidemic in the world's poorest nations. Older concerns rooted in a focus on the need to protect the privacy rights of individuals will inevitably be overshadowed by new concerns about global equity.


SEE ALSO: Confidentiality; Epidemics; Healthcare Resources, Allocation of; Homosexuality; Human Dignity; Human Rights; Life, (Quality of; Public Health; Sexual Identity; and other AIDS subentries

Anxiety and Depression 101

Anxiety and Depression 101

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