Organization of the Encyclopedia

Entries are arranged alphabetically. Some entries are comprised of several subentries. For example,

Aging and the Aged I. Theories of Aging and Life Extension II. Life Expectancy and Life Span

III. Societal Aging

IV. Old Age

V. Anti-Aging Interventions: Ethical and Social Issues

The reader wishing to study ethical aspects of aging and anti-aging research would do well to read all five of these interlocking articles.

Cross-references are provided for each article. However, for a complete perspective on the thematic relationships between articles, please see the "Topical Outline" in the front of the first volume following the "List of Contributors."

The bibliographies following each article are an important resource. These were prepared by the authors, or otherwise updated with approval by the Editor in Chief. The bibliographies are necessarily selective rather than completely exhaustive due to the volume of significant new books and articles relevant to each article.

The lengthy collection of codes, oaths, and policies in the fifth volume is of great value. Readers will benefit from reviewing these contents as they pertain to a specific topic of interest. Various annotated bibliographies in law and medicine, literature and medicine, and in bioethics should also be consulted. The section on "Additional Resources in Bioethics"

is especially important for its thoroughness and its international aspects, including current websites worldwide that are easily available to students.

A special effort has been made to keep these volumes free from technical jargon. The articles should be accessible to students at the high school, college, and graduate levels, as well as to interested lay readers. They are written in such a manner as to be authoritative for professionals wishing to gain a clear perspective on how ideas have evolved.

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