Batch mode capability

A slide holder with the same outside dimensions as a standard (SBS) microplate allows automatic sample loading with standard handling devices such as Tecan's Connect autoloader (Figure 16.3). Even without automatic loading, up to four standard microscope slides can be processed with no further user intervention in one run. In addition, almost any user-defined method can be applied to up to 200 slides or 50 microplates in a single run using autoloading system Connect™ from Tecan and ArrayPro® Analyser from Media Cybernetics allowing fully automated batch processing of image acquisition and analysis.

In addition, each individual scan area (on a slide or microplate) can be re-scanned in the same batch run by applying different scan settings as a series of gains, lasers and filters defined as a simple scanlist.txt file in order to extend the dynamic range and to use up to four dyes on one slide. With its automatic focus and gain control and the option to implement Tecan's Connect as an autoloader system the LS series instruments have batch mode capability and optimized dynamic range of each individual scan area. Array-Pro supports the fully automated analysis of multicolor images (e.g. four-color sequencing and SNP analysis) in an unlimited number of experiments.

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