Correction of crosstalk from dyes

High-throughput sequencing, single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) detection, gene expression analysis and many other applications often demand multiplexed labeling on one array chip. The option of parallel dual-channel detection allows two dyes to be measured at the same time for maximum imaging throughput. A single dye calibration step is sufficient to give the required specificity for each measurement. Unwanted signals from dyes in either channel are easily accounted for by rapid recalculations using accompanying inbuilt software. Sequential scanning of three or more dyes or with different gain settings to achieve extended dynamic range can be performed by running batch mode scripts.

The LS series of instruments operate up to four lasers and 28 filters. Each LS Series Laser Scanner has one to four lasers (633-nm HeNe). On the detection side, more than 100 fluorescence emission filters are available. A collection of 28 emission filters can be used for each instrument at a time.

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