Emission filter sets

Fluorescence dyes are adapted to be excited by lasers to cover a variety of applications. In order to cover a large range of different dyes excited in the visible range, LS Reloaded offers the option to choose more than the red (633 nm) and green (532 nm) lasers. The yellow (594 nm) and especially the blue (488 nm) laser are necessary to excite additional dyes to perform multicolor assays (e.g. specific labeling of four nucleotides in SNP/sequencing reactions). For each single dye and for dye combinations there are optimized fluorescence-emission-filter settings with specific characteristics defined as blocking efficacy, maximum pass and bandwidth (FWHM: 50% transmission efficiency) depending on the spectral characteristics of the dye used. In Tecan's LS Reloaded filter carriers most of the available fluorescence filters from more than a hundred different standard and special filters on stock can be applied. Laser and filter combination is strictly controlled by software to protect PMTs against damage. Therefore emission filter combinations, which do not block the laser lines at the same time, cannot be used.

The standard proposals are: 690/40 nm, 575/50 nm, 635/35 and 535/25 nm, or 625/25 nm and 520/10 nm, and many others.

Scanning principle

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