ChIP-on-chip is a powerful tool that can be used to discover novel target sequences for transcription factors or to reveal DNA sequences with particular chromatin features. This potential is the result of the elegant combination of ChIP assays with microarray technology. ChIP assays allow the isolation of a genomic library of sequences that are bound by a specific factor or that contain specific histone modifications. Microarray technology makes it possible to analyze thousands of sequences in a single experiment. The applicability of this technique relies on the availability of genomic microarrays, but fortunately, both genome-wide and specialized microarrays are now available. Combination of ChIP-on-chip with other types of microarrays, such as cDNA microarrays, will surely help to lead to a functional understanding of the way by which the genome is regulated. ChIP-on-chip experiments will greatly contribute to the mapping of the epigenomic landscape.

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