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1 Procaryotic cells have a much simpler structure than eucaryotes, lacking internal _and a true__

2 Most bacterial cells are rod-shaped (_), spherical (_) or curved (_).

3 Many bacteria commonly carry extrachromosomal pieces of DNA called _, which are able to_independently of the bacterial chromosome.

4 Protein synthesis takes place at__

The main components of cell membranes are and

6 Gram-positive cell walls contain a higher percentage of_than those of Gram-negative cells.

7 Many bacteria have long, hair-like structures called_projecting from the cell wall. These are used for__

8 The DNA of eucaryotes is organized into chromosomes and associated with proteins called__

9 In eucaryotic cells, extranuclear DNA is also found in _ and

10 Eucaryotic ribosomes may be found associated with the__

or free in the cytoplasm.

11 The Golgi apparatus_and_newly synthesised substances.

12 _are the site of energy generation in eucaryotic cells. In procaryotic cells, some of these reactions take place at the___

13 The photosynthetic membranes of chloroplasts are called__

14 The cell walls of algae are mostly made up of__

15 The structure of eucaryotic flagella is more complex than that of procaryotes, comprising an arrangement of_made of__

Part II

Microbial Nutrition, Growth and Metabolism

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