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The Complete Grape Growing System

The Complete Grape Growing System

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1 In winemaking, juice from the crushed grapes (known as the_) is treated with__to remove any naturally occuring microorganisms.

2 _wines result from converting most of the sugar from the grapes to alcohol.

3 Fermentations in the beer and wine industries are carried out by yeasts of the genus__

4 Hops were originally added to beers because of their_properties.

5 The alcohol content of an average beer is around_per cent.

6 Coagulation of milk using rennet allows separation into _ and

7 _ cheeses, such as Parmesan, require the longest periods of

8 The bacteria__and__are involved in yoghurt making, converting lactose to___

9 Quorn™ is a meat substitute derived from the fungus__

10 The end-product of sugar fermentation in bread making differs from that in alcoholic fermentations beacuse it takes place in_conditions.

11 _and_are two human pathogens found as spoilage organisms in foodstuffs.

12 Foodstuffs with a low_content are less susceptible to microbial attack.

13 _produced microbially from by a species of Clostridium, was important in explosive manufacture during the First World War.

14 The three amino acids produced in greatest quantities for use in the food industry are__,__and__

15 Citric acid is widely used in the food industry; it is produced by the mould

16 Starch is converted to____by the action of the enzymes «-amylase, glucoamylase and glucose isomerase.

17 The enzymes most widely used in cleaning products are _ and

18 Microbial cultures for the commercial production of antibiotics are grown in large-scale__

1 9__is able to convert copper from its insoluble_

to its soluble__It can also convert iron from its_to its

20 The biggest disadvantage of using biological methods of metal extraction is that the process is__

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