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1 Categorised according to their carbon and energy sources, all fungi are

Secondary metabolites are produced by a microorganism after the phase of active growth has ceased. Such substances are usually not required for essential metabolic or cell maintenance purposes. Examples include toxins pigments and most antibiotics. Carcinogenic means cancer-causing.

2 Fungi whose cells are separated by cross-walls are described as

Fungi whose cells lack cross-walls are described as__

The YM shift describes an alternation between_and__

The principal component of cell walls is__

The__(or Deuteromycota) is a term used to describe those species in which no sexual reproductive stage has been observed.

The Chytridiomycota and the Zygomycota are sometimes termed the _fungi.

The Ascomycota and the Basidiomycota are sometimes termed the_


A resistant form, the_, enables members of the Zygomycota to overcome adverse environmental conditions.

An aerial hypha that gives rise to spore formation is termed a__

The chytrids are thought to be the most primitive fungal group. Unlike other fungi, they possess__

Members of the Ascomycota reproduce asexually by means of spores called

Unicellular yeasts reproduce asexually by the process of__

In sexual reproduction in the Ascomycota, haploid ascospores develop in fruiting bodies called__

_cells contain two nuclei, one inherited from each parent.

The appearance of spore-bearing hyphae called basidia gives the Basidiomy-cota their common name: the___

The _ connection is a morphological feature unique to basid-


A mushroom is a fruiting body of a member of the Basidiomycota; its scientific name is a__

A_is a fungal disease of humans. It may be_or__

Aspergillus flavus produces carcinogenic toxins called__

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