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1 In nutritional terms, all algae are__

2 Although the Cyanophyta carry out oxygenic photosynthesis, they are not classified with the algae, because they are-.

3 Euglenophytes store their carbohydrate in an unusual form called__

4 The__is a reddish structure situated near the flagellum, and is responsible for reacting to light stimuli.

5 Members of the Pyrrophyta are more commonly known as the__

6 Diatoms are surrounded by a_made of silica, which is perforated by numerous__

7 During asexual reproduction in the diatoms, one daughter cell at each division gets progressively smaller. This is stopped by entering a phase of_

8 The group of algae thought to be phylogenetically the closest to the green plants is the__

9 Multicellular algae are not differentiated into root, stem and leaf; their vegetative body form is called a__

10 Sexual reproduction involving clearly differentiated sperm and egg cells is termed__

11 Species which have reproductive structures of the two sexes on separate individuals are said to be__

12 A _ alternation of generations involves morphologically distinct sporophyte and gametophyte adult phases.

13 The coloration of the red algae is due to_and_, which mask the presence of__

14 Protozoans are a_diverse group, which do not share a_

15 Osmoregulation in protozoans is carried out by the___

16 The kinetoplastids include_, the causative agent of African sleeping sickness. They show little evolutionary relationship to the other group of flagellated protozoans, the__

17 _such as Giardia lack conventional mitochondria.

18 Ciliates possess two kinds of__

19 The_are amoebas that have a calcium-based shell.

20 The acellular slime moulds are characterised by the formation of a_, a mass of cytoplasm containing numerous nuclei.

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