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1 Heterotrophic organisms acquire their carbon in an_form, whilst autotrophic organisms acquire theirs in an_form.

2 Some autotrophs can derive energy from the Sun; these are termed

3 The passage of solutes into a cell across a concentration gradient is known as__

4 Agar has a high_point and a relatively low_point.

5 The use of agar as a setting agent was a crucial step in the development of __techniques.

6 Successive divisions of a single cell lead to the formation of a_on a solid medium.

7 The chemical composition of an undefined medium is__

8 _organisms must have a wide range of organic nutrients supplied.

9 _media encourage the growth of chosen species, whilst_

media prevent the growth of unwanted forms.

10 _(removal of the water content at low temperatures) is used in the preservation of microbial cultures.

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