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1 A symbiotic association from which both participants derive benefit is called __When the partners are not reliant on the association, it is termed

2 Flagellated_are required by termites to digest the_component of wood.

3 Bacteria in the trophosome of the tube worm Riftia generate energy by oxidation of___

4 Most of the resident bacteria in our gut live as__

5 _comprise an association between plant root cells and a fungus.

6 The area surrounding a plant's roots is called the__

7 The bacterium Rhizobium has the unusual ability to___

8 In return for acting as host for Rhizobium, the cells of a legume's roots receive a supply of___

An endoparasite fully enters its host and lives inside it. An ectoparasite attaches to the outside of the host.

Bdellovibrio itself may play be parasitised by bacteriophages; this is known as hyperparas-itism!

9 Inside root cells, Rhizobium takes on an irregular, swollen form called a

10 In a Rhizobium-legume association, the pigment _ maintains

_at a low level, in order that the_enzyme can function.

11 Microorganisms that live as commensals on the surface of plants are termed

12 Potato blight is caused by a fungus belonging to the genus__

13 In a lichen, the fungal partner derives__from its photo-

synthetic partner.

14 The sensitivity of lichens to gases such as SO2 makes them a good indicators of___

15 Escherichia coli and Enterococcus faecalis form a_partnership to enable them to metabolise arginine.

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